Maximizing Potential Is What We Do

The focus of our work with clients is helping them implement effective strategies while also fine-tuning the fundamentals of their practice operations so firms are well positioned for optimum financial success today and to have strong options for continuing their practices for tomorrow. Our depth of regional expertise as the leading CPA practice management consultants in Greater Philadelphia, Maryland, Northern Virginia and New Jersey provides our clients with enhanced value.

Our focus is concentrated on the Four Pā€™s:


  • Profitability Expansion
  • Performance Improvement
  • Personnel Optimization
  • Practice Continuity
Examples of our engagements include:


  • Profitability Expansion Assessments and Engineering
  • Compensation System Design
  • Succession Strategies and Implementation
  • Leadership Mentoring and Coaching
  • Accountability and Rewards Systems
  • Governance upgrading ā€“ Ownership agreements and protocols
  • Retreats and Leadership Collectives
  • Merger Readiness Projects
  • Merger/Acquisition/ Sale ā€“ Advisory & Activation Projects
  • Post -Merger/Combination Integration Modelling