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Building Great Leadership 

Managing an accounting firm requires technical skills, as well as strong business and management talents, from Managing Partners, Firm Managers and Administrators, and other top leadership.


Being the best at the business and management responsibilities is often optimized with coaching, mentoring and an outside perspective to gain insights and industry best practices.

Empower Leaders, Solidify Succession

Optimum Strategies works with Managing Partners (current and upcoming) and Firm Managers to maximize performance and firm ROI. As coach, adviser, advocate and sounding board, Optimum Strategies helps leaders prioritize, plan and implement strategies for their own development and the firm's future.

With clients across the Mid-Atlantic region, and a background running an accounting practice, we provide crucial perspective on industry best practices. Optimum Strategies often conducts webinars and workshops to help evolve firm leaders, including through professional organizations, such as the CPA Leadership Institute and CPA Firm Managers Association (CPAFMA).

Other Areas of Expertise


Program Highlights

Managing Partner Coaching
Empowers current and potential Managing Partners to optimize their visioning and decision-making skills. We serve as a sounding board to test ideas, express concerns without internal ramifications, gain independent perspective and obtain practical insights from someone who has been in the Managing Partner role. Confidential and customized to each leader's priorities. 
Firm Manager Prioritization & Effectiveness

Guide operational management to a systematic approach to grow their responsibilities and respect from the leadership and the team. Provides real-world perspectives, insights and tips to help firm managers focus on expectations and roles, boundaries, communication strategies, results,performance tools, mentoring opportunities and more.

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