Building Great Leaders

Success as a Partner requires top technical skills, as well as strong business and management talents. Being the best at the business and management roles is often optimized with coaching, mentoring and outside perspective.

To ensure the optimum evolution of Partner performance, many firms invest in executive coaching to ensure the Partner and the firm get the biggest ROI.

Managing Partner On-Call Program

Optimum Strategies' coaching program is designed to allow current and potential Managing Partners to test their ideas, express concerns without internal ramifications, gain independent perspective and obtain practical insights from someone who has been in the Managing Partner’s shoes and continues to be in sync with their thoughts and concerns.

The Managing Partner On-Call program is conducted in 3-month modules with 6 on-call sessions. Each will be performed primarily based on semi-monthly face-to-face conferences of approximately 30-45 minutes. An agenda is set one week ahead of the conference.

Services will be customized to your priorities. After the initial module, the full program may continue or a more streamlined approach may be introduced as needed.


Executive Coaching Empowers
Leaders & Solidifies Succession.

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