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10 Reasons for an Advocate in M&A

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Like your clients, you sometimes need to find an adviser who will be your advocate, will champion your needs objectively, and will expertly guide you in making the right decisions for your firm and future.

This is especially true when entering into accounting practice mergers and acquisitions (M&A). CPA firm leaders will be better suited with an adviser that can help them make the right decisions, read between the lines during negotiations, position their firm in the best light for the best match and value, and guide them and their teams through the challenges and expectations that every M&A will produce.

As your M&A advocates and advisers, Optimum Strategies will help your CPA firm:

  1. Know the right metrics to focus on and which ones will be roadblocks

  2. Ask the right questions about change, along with the best responses that make sense

  3. Understand the prevailing terms for compensation and value for your part of the country

  4. Get guidance on firm anxieties – and help you identify which ones are the ones to focus on and address

  5. Identify common signs of competition and disinterest during preliminary discussions with the other firm

  6. Craft and pitch your value and boost your appeal

  7. Uncover vulnerabilities

  8. Navigate the full M&A process and what it will take to succeed

  9. Know when to withdraw, when to push harder and when to relax

  10. Know how to keep your attorneys focused on your well-being and the essentials of the transaction

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