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4 Pushbacks in Many CPA Firm Mergers

Two CPA firms are talking. They're having very amicable conversations about doing a merger deal or an acquisition. Then, despite these early good vibes, one or both sides often start to push back on issues. Is the timing right? How do we manage change? When will leaders exit and how? Are we getting enough money for our firm (or are we paying too much?)

While these kinds of pushbacks are not rare, it helps to anticipate issues of concern promptly and comprehensively so you can get the deal done.

In this article for Pennsylvania CPA Journal (PICPA), Ira Rosenbloom outlined the steps any firm entering M&A discussions should take to make sure deal-draggers don't become deal-breakers.

Ira also sat down with the PICPA editors to take a deep dive into M&A pushbacks in this companion video.

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