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How COVID-19 Impacts the Traditional Fears Around CPA Firm M&A

Many CPA firm mergers and practice transfers never get realized because of fear that exists on both sides of the negotiating table. A deal that looks really good on paper can get roadblocked by a fear of losing control of your firm, fear of the unknown and fear of change to name just a few roadblocks.

Now, COVID-19 brings a new set of fears and a new reality for many firms--and, in a sense, erases the old ones--so that firm owners are focusing more on making realistic, intelligent business decisions based on risk-and-reward scenarios so they can get a clearer picture of whether M&A is right for the continuity of their firm.

In an article published in Accounting Today, Optimum Strategies' Ira Rosenbloom breaks down the five areas accounting firms should examine to clearly map out the risks and rewards of merging with another firm.

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