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Podcast: Firm Succession & Metrics (an interview with Jetpack Workflow)

In this podcast interview, Optimum Strategies' Ira Rosenbloom talked with the founder and CEO of Jetpack Workflow, David Cristello, about two important issues that face CPA firms today — ownership succession and metrics.

Part I: Succession

When the founding leadership of a CPA firm passes the baton to others, everyone needs to work in concert with the vision and mission of business owners. Navigating change can be very complicated, and soft skills, often overlooked, can become an asset.

What accounting firms often overlook is the importance of emotion and psychology in succession, and Ira describes a real-life example of firm succession to illustrate ways to get it right.

Part II: Metrics (starts about 13:15)

What are the metrics that matter to get a pulse on the CPA firm without becoming a micromanager or hovering?

Ira outlines what he believes are key performance indicators (KPIs), including how often they should be analyzed, in the second half of the interview.


Listen to the podcast on the Jetpack website — also available on Spotify, Apple and Stitcher.


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