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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Tax Season: Optimize Performance

To kick off the beginning of busy season, over February and March we will share ideas to help you and your teams get the most out of tax season—without going over the edge. First up?

5 Tips to Optimize Firm Performance

  1. Enact weekly production and billing targets. Make sure they are well communicated to staff and that the results can be monitored through the week. Rally the group around successes and the need to be supportive as a team if you fall behind.

  2. Speak to at least two top clients each week. There’s nothing more motivational than talking to your best clients and planting seeds for more work after busy season.

  3. Implement a weekly workload allocation to offload work to non-traditional or administrative resources. Tracking returns, checking file completion, and requesting information are great places to start.

  4. Remind clients of the impact and benefits of planning. Use template memos to make them aware and to potentially set in motion other ways to plan.

  5. Put video conferencing to good use. In-person meetings with clients will take longer than video, and speaking face-to-face increases clarity, intent and client satisfaction.

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