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Create a Can-Do Culture at Your Firm!

COVID-19 constantly reminds us of the things we can’t do these days, and, while many CPA firms have adapted to work-from-home realities, without disciplined attention to maintaining community and communication, culture can be deflated.

Take steps now that focus on things you and your team can do—and find new ways to do them. Here are some recommendations to create and cultivate a can-do culture.

  1. Connectivity. Working out of the office still needs to provide connectivity to team members and clients. Make time to check in with people you do not know well and those you could know better.

  2. Rally. Empower cross-functional teams to not only communicate on jobs but to have a daily huddle to catch up on the good and the bad—both virtually and socially distanced while in the office. Schedule periodic huddles to share good news among the firm. Set targets for weekly achievements.

  3. Access and Mentoring. Set hours for open access to partners and other leaders—no clients allowed unless there’s an emergency. If you don’t already have a mentor or buddy system, now is the right time to make it happen.

  4. Fun. Book clubs, current events, talent shows, scavenger hunts, cooking, and yoga are some easy examples of ways to have virtual fun. Funny and touching moments happen for all of us even in tough times. Share them.

  5. Feed the People. Many firms stock the fridge and bring in lunch or dinner when the staff is in the office. Shift that budget to takeout meal cards for staff and contribute to help those in need in your community. Prioritize giving through an internal committee.

With a little planning and focus, every practice can learn how to cultivate a can-do culture.

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