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Questions to Answer Before Tax Season

Between the coronavirus, the economy and the routine mysteries of business, we all have questions. As you ready your firms for tax season, think about the questions below and how your firm will answer them.

  1. Should you raise minimum fees (how much?) and will you use minimum fees for all levels of tax compliance or just individual returns?

  2. How will you prioritize work so that “A” clients get “A” treatment?

  3. How will you stay aware of the concerns of your top 100 clients?

  4. Does the firm manager/administrator have a mentor outside the organization so they can be at their best?

  5. Which clients should be asked not to return?

  6. What production standards (dollar value) by week or month will you hold personnel accountable for?

  7. Will you create ways to mitigate “Zoom gloom?”

  8. What are five firm-wide achievements to brag about after tax season?

  9. Is this the year to create work shifts to allow balance between home and profession?

  10. How will management keep a pulse on the worries and happiness of the employees?

  11. What metrics matter more during busy season and how frequently will you measure them?

  12. What replaces free coffee/dinner after 10 hours and weekend breakfast for those who don’t work from the office?

  13. If the firm is better off exploring a merger, sale or acquisition after busy season, what needs to happen ahead of time? Will there be changes necessary for this tax season?

  14. Is there a list of COIs to stay in touch with, and what will the process be?

  15. Are you taking a value-added approach to top 100 clients?

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