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Video: The Right Expectations for Firm Managers (CPAFMA webinar)

Optimum Strategies' Ira Rosenbloom was invited to speak at the annual conference of the CPA Firm Managers Association (CPAFMA Accelerator), at which he led a webinar discussion about creating the right expectations for firm managers in firms of all sizes.

Topic areas included:

  1. Don’t get hung up on title. Get the job right!

  2. Boundaries – when to cross them and when to hold fast

  3. Maintaining a focus on growth and impact

  4. The Firm Manager’s role in M&A

  5. Communications strategy

  6. Mentoring and perspective

With special permission from the CPAFMA, we are sharing Ira's approximately 38-minute session with clients. Click the image below (User: accelerator; Password: 2020encore)

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