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Strength in Numbers: Crafting the Right Deal 

CPA firms merge or sell for many important reasons, including owner retirement, market growth, expansion of resources, stress reduction, and security.


To get ready for—and successfully integrate—a merger, acquisition or other firm transition, creativity, planning, and independent expertise are essential. 


We help you navigate the entire process—from managing expectations and finding complementary target firms to creating a realistic valuation, negotiating the deal, and creating the right plan for integration.

Mergers, Acquisitions (M&A) & Other Transitions
  • Evaluating marketplace options

  • Realistic valuation, market expectations and due diligence

  • Analyzing M&A readiness

  • Finding a match and facilitating introductions

  • Structuring the deal, deal negotiations and support

  • Planning for integration

  • Post-transaction transition plans to maximize retention of clients and staff


Other Areas of Expertise

Projects We Perform

Transition Assessment
A primer and assessment of the requirements to optimize the effectiveness of an external or internal transition. Timing, timelines, metrics, performance, competition and infrastructure are studied to give an objective evaluation of readiness and success. 
This study helps firms create a profile of attributes, develop priorities, capture the attributes of a target, recommend actions to capitalize on marketplace advantages, and design a process to pursue a potential practice acquisition/combination with a defined target firm. The assessment provides useful orientation and preparation for an outreach process designed to maximize practice combination efforts.
Practice Combination Advisory

A comprehensive navigation and facilitation of the M&A process. Initiated with a probative process to clarify objectives and priorities, compile strengths and weaknesses, profile the firm and define the model target. We reach out to targets, evaluate potential, participate in firm meetings, confer with decision makers, negotiate, summarize core transaction, support attorneys and facilitate the closing.

Acquisition Optimization Study

This study is designed to orient your firm to the factors necessary to succeed with transaction opportunities for CPA firm M&A. We will analyze your positioning and recommend specific actions to help your firm achieve a competitive advantage in the accounting firm merger market. This project provides your firm with targeted support and strategic accounting firm merger advisory services, and is directed to balance marketplace criteria along with your goals and aspirations.

Client Advocacy: A Second Opinion
Provides firms already on a path toward merger, acquisition, or other practice transition with market-based insights and expertise to reach your best outcomes. We advocate for one party in the transaction and assure core elements like compensation, integration, look-backs, claw-backs, drag-alongs, valuation, control and accountability are addressed to your benefit. Read: 10 reasons you need an M&A advocate.
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