Strength in Numbers: Crafting the Right Deal 

CPA firms merge or sell for many important reasons, including owner retirement, market growth, expansion of resources, and security.


To get ready for—and successfully integrate—a merger, acquisition or other firm transition, creativity, planning, and independent expertise are essential. 


We help you navigate the entire process—from laying out the hurdle points and managing pushbacks to defining and finding complementary firms, developing timelines, creating realistic valuation expectations, negotiating the deal and creating the right plan for integration.


We offer a proven track record of client advocacy throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, and one that reflects our emphasis on small- to medium-sized firms. Our expertise is also put use to help parties as a strategic neutral adviser.

Mergers, Acquisitions (M&A) & Other Transitions

  • Preparing for the process and expectations

  • Evaluating marketplace options

  • Realistic valuation, market expectations and due diligence

  • Analyzing M&A readiness

  • Finding a match and facilitating strategic introductions

  • Prioritizing firm needs and objectives

  • Structuring the deal

  • Deal negotiations and support

  • Planning for integration

  • Post-transaction transition plans to maximize retention of clients and staff


Other Areas of Expertise

A Second Opinion on Your Deal

Even if you’re already on a path toward merger, acquisition, or other practice transition, it’s a good idea to get additional insights on the process and help with strategizing about best outcomes.
You can always benefit from a second opinion—whether you’re already working with a broker or consultant or you’re pursuing a deal on your own. 
Independent perspective and guidance ensure that the right structure and processes are established to allow for a happily-ever-after post-transition reality. 
A second opinion consultation can guide you in several ways, including the following:
  • Calibrating the formula for compensation with the retirement payout
  • Alternatives to exclusively retention-based models
  • Penalties, restrictions and incentives 
  • Milestones
  • Carve-outs and lookbacks
You need someone to advocate for you—whether you’re just starting on the road to M&A or you want a second opinion to make sure you’re on the best track. Optimum Strategies will make sure the choices you make now are right for your long-term success.
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