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Dreaming of Succession? Plan to Make Your Dreams Come True.

Transitioning and transferring practices is nothing new to the CPA world, but in this heated merger market, viability and expectations are making for new approaches.

As you consider the perpetuity of your firm, these seven impactful questions will help you enhance the likelihood of your dreams coming true.

  1. Do you have a comprehensive list of the expectations that a successor must satisfy?

  2. Do you know what your top clients are looking for and are you prepared to find out?

  3. What professional lifestyle are you looking to live?

  4. What title and responsibilities are important to you?

  5. What level of decision-making will work for you?

  6. What time frame would be appealing?

  7. Do you have a vision of what success would look like?

There is no such thing as a perfect plan, but if you don’t know what results would make you happy, your likelihood for success is zero.

Luck is not a dependable succession strategy. Put a lot of thought into it – sleep on it and work on these questions – and you stand a much better chance of making your dreams come true.

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